Terms & Conditions

The boring legal bit

The information provided on this website may contain a variety of errors. Spice of Life does not accept responsibility for the suitability or accuracy of this information and prices and weights are may change at short notice. The information is provided and reproduced without any form of guarantee whatsoever. We cannot be held liable for any viruses that may be present on the site despite precautionary measures that have been taken, and we refuses to accept any liability for any form of loss or damage that can be caused by such viruses. Spice of Life expressly reserves the right to alter the information on the site at any point in time.

The boring legal bit in plain(ish) English

We all make mistakes. Sometimes we may have got the prices or weights wrong. This does not give you the right to purchase at the price displayed on this site. If we have made a mistake we reserve the right not to sell you a product. We will try offer you an alternative or offer you a refund if the purchase is made in advance. We will do our best to advise you if a product is out of stock as soon as we possibly can and if we have made a mistake we will hold our hands up and say sorry.

Allegen Advice

Because many of our products are packaged at the rear of our shop there is a very slim change of cross contamination and we mean very slim. We are certainly not going to label every product with ‘may contain nuts’*.

All our gluten free products are supplied to us in sealed bags and we do our best to keep them away from other products.

We cannot completely guarantee that that our products will be completely free of allergens.

By the way, peanuts are technically not nuts!

Medicinal Usage

We are not and do not pretend to be herbalists. You use all our non culinary products at your own risk.